What is MakerClub?
MakerClub@StemAcademy is a supported MarkerSpace club aimed at entry level practical MakerSpace projects covering coding, robotics/electronics and 3D printing/modelling for ages 7 and up. You can participate individually at home or host your own physical club from a Library, School or community MakerSpace. 

How do I enrol in MakerClub?
MakerClub is currently offering a free pilot which you can directly enrol through 
StemAcademy. Alternatively register your interest, find our MakerClub events on Facebook or contact us at MakerClub.
Can I arrange my own MakerClub? 
Yes, we can provide private MakerClub sessions either during or after school tailored to your needs for Schools, Libraries, community MakerSpaces or private groups.  For further information or to start your own local physical MakerClub please contact us.

How much does MakerClub cost?
Currently we are offering a free public pilot on weekends (enrol or register). Paid private sessions for our MakerClub courses can be arranged please contact us for further details.

How does MakerClub Work?  
MakerClub@Stemacademy provides supported online MakerSpace project modules both for face to face organised clubs or individuals.  Examples include a Parent, Teacher, Librarian or other interested community member organising a local MakerClub after School at a suitable venue.  This can also be done during school time by arrangement. This could be a one off for a particular module or ongoing?  The local organiser is responsible for organising the venue and suitable supervision and is usually straight forward if you work in conjunction with a School or Library or community group/venue.
What type of projects?
Entry level practical MakerSpace projects for ages 7 and up, covering coding, robotics/electronics and 3D printing/modelling. In practice this means simple fun things like Scratch Animations and Games, 3D printed jewelry and electro widgets plus fun robotics like SUMO. Our projects focus on the fundamentals of advanced manufacturing skills and electromechanical engineering and design.
How do I use MakerClub?  
You enrol in an online course that has projects, resources and support forum etc plus you get a live webinar Teacher/Tutor via "ZOOM" sessions who guide you through the projects.  If you have a face to face club then your local tutor/teacher will also help you through the MakerClub projects.  So just prior to the scheduled MakerClub session you join the ZOOM session which allows you to see the MakerClub tutor, their computer screen and robots & projects etc- you can talk to them and ask questions online- the MakerClub tutor can even take control of your computer and fix up your code etc.  After the ZOOM session you still have access to this online course and the help forum etc to help you work on any things till the next ZOOM session.