About Us

Steminabox aims to help self learners and educators become confident tinkerers of complex electromechanical systems through engaging fun techno projects and rigorous scientific investigations. Steminabox (ABN: 40 294 591 583) has been created by Mr Tony Grudzinski, a STEM Educator who has developed and currently delivers a highly successful High School STEM Elective programme. He teaches from a dedicated electromechanical engineering workshop and focuses on design engineering and advanced manufacturing including 3D printing, laser CNC milling, electronics and microcontroller based automation and robotics.

Previous to the last 12 years as a High School Teacher, he spent a decade providing technical laboratory support to both University research and teaching laboratories. Tony initially trained as a laboratory analyst in the ‘80s and later gained a first class honours degree in Science and also completed a post graduate degree in Education. STEM outreach has been a strong focus of Tony’s professional work including delivering regional robotics training and mentoring to Primary teachers and their students both as teacher PD workshops and  after school regional robotics student training. He also organises the Technology Challenge Maryborough Robotics Competition each year in September. Tony is a tinkerer of techno widgets who brings his background in applied science into the classroom as invigorated student centred problem based learning focused on practical real world STEM projects.

Our Goals
  • Facilitate engaging STEM projects & programmes
  • Provide educators with rigorous scientific investigations
  • Encourage STEM learning and careers amongst young students
  • Extend individual students with engineering projects
  • Develop resilient & resourceful tinkerers of complex systems
Who can we Help?
  • Educators & Schools delivering classroom STEM projects & Scientific Investigations
  • Organisations delivering STEM community engagement such as Maker Spaces
  • Students with robotics and engineering projects
  • Hobbyists developing robotic scratch build projects 
  • Curriculum Heads/Schools implementing STEM programmes
Mr Tony Grudzinski
STEM Educator and Trainer
Techno Tinkerer
image-207221-MADI FACEBOOK.jpg?1421196489040
Miss Madison Jeffery
2nd year University Engineering & Business Student,
​Steminabox Tutor and Tinkerer
Previous Robocup Champion